General Terms and conditions

Lukkien Casting

These terms and conditions apply as soon as one or more registered people (hereinafter:

to be called: talents) via Lukkien Casting. (hereinafter referred to as: LC) are booked or

otherwise use is made of LC's services, any services whatsoever (for example,

booking talents, organizing castings, sending visual material or

reuse of images that were once booked through LC). LC is authorized in en

to look after the interests of the talents out of court.

When registering, you will be asked to agree to the General Regulation

Data Protection (GDPR) privacy law.

This can be read on our website (Privacy).

LC mainly works for LUKKIEN: this means that we have models, actors and

book extras for productions provided by LUKKIEN: LUKKIEN is jointly and severally

liable for the obligations towards LCBV and its talents.

LC is obliged to ensure that the talents know what time they are at which location

should be and what to bring with them in terms of clothing or other items. When the talent

availability changes (in case of force majeure such as illness or death) and

he/she has been booked for an assignment, we expect him/her to be delivered as soon as possible (minimum

24 hours in advance) contacts LC so that LC can inform the client.

LC can be reached for emergencies on 06-20617137. This number can only be reached

outside office hours.

Duration of the assignment

LC communicates the duration of the assignment per assignment (half/full day). The talent must

however, always take into account a run-out. Afterwards, in consultation with LC, he/she can

charge overtime.

All fees stated by LC are gross/gross. This means that there are

compensation income tax and payroll costs must be withheld.

When the payment is made through a payroll agency, the latter bears the fees for the

talent off. Costs for the remuneration agency are for the talent's own account.

If the talent is independent and therefore in possession of a Chamber of Commerce number, LC would like to receive a invoice (he/she is responsible for processing fees in the declaration

income tax).

The travel costs that may be charged are € 0.25 cents per km.

LC uses the legal payment term for processing payments and invoices

30 days after receipt of invoice.

Email invoices to: attn. Lukkien Casting

In extreme cases there is a possibility that LC will have to cancel the talent. LC can

cancel the talent free of charge up to 3 days before the shoot. Will he/she be delivered within 48 hours

cancelled, he/she will be paid 50% of the agreed fee. If canceled within 24 hours, he/she will be paid 100% of the agreed fee. This doesn't count for good weather bookings.

LC has, by signing these general terms and conditions, a power of attorney from it

talents and looks after all interests and affairs of its talents. Clients of LC

may not contact directly about legal or financial matters.

Clients may not have agreements signed without consultation and approval

from LC. Agreements that are concluded directly in violation of this condition

entered into without the knowledge of LC, are not binding on the talent nor on LC.

The recordings made of the talents may be made worldwide by the client

be used for an unlimited time, royalty-free. The talent is paid once by

LC. This one-time rate includes the use of the material and the hours worked

included. So no buyout is paid out.

Talent authorizes bookings or other types of activities that

are connected in the broadest sense of the word to those of LC, through every possible way

means of communication, to be informed of these activities.

Talent itself is responsible for indicating when accepting an assignment via LC

whether he/she has worked for the same type of product in the past 3 years. He/she gives this directly

after receiving the invitation.

LC is not liable for damage to property caused by talents or their


LC is not liable for damage that arises if talents do not cooperate or are late

or failing to arrive for the shooting, unless there is gross negligence or negligence on the part of the

side of LC. In any case, there is no question of gross negligence or negligence on the part of LC if:

talents do not want to participate in recordings or castings, being sick or going to school

(compulsory or optional lesson). Furthermore, there is no question of gross negligence or negligence if the

talents booked through LC do not adhere to agreements or agreements that they have with

the client entered into.

For talents who do not follow the directions of the director, photographer, stylist

etc., no fee will be charged unless the photos are actually

be published.

When a talent is booked for a Lukkien Casting assignment, it is expected

that he/she adopts a professional attitude. This also means that he/she has no family,

bring friends, children or (pet) animals to the set, unless it is different with Lukkien Casting

agreed. When children or animals are booked, a supervisor is allowed

unless otherwise agreed with Lukkien Casting.

LC assumes that the talent is cared for and comes to the set on time according to the

agreements. The talent is aware that there may be waiting time during the shoot

appearance. The talent declares that in the period between the casting and the shooting

will not undertake any activity that would result in significant changes with regard to

up to the appearance. The talent ensures that it is easily reachable. The talent remains available after

registration for an assignment until LC informs you whether or not the talent has been booked for the

assignment. The talent will not do anything that LC's good name, reputation and network on which

in any way directly or indirectly discredit. The talent discusses his/her fee

not with the others present on set or off.

For LC it is important to have recent clothing sizes and

photo material. The talent is responsible for this, he/she ensures that his/her

profile is always up to date. If he/she has tattoos, piercings, allergies or anything else

what LC should know, he/she will indicate this for each option.

For accident (permanent) disability and death of the talent on the way to/from the

location and during the recordings LC is neither towards talent nor towards the

client and third parties liable.

Both telephone appointments and appointments with the talent via email or WhatsApp are

binding on the talent.

During the recordings for Lukkien BV, the talent will not receive any textual, audio, photo and/or

make video material and will not publish anything where the client or products thereof

be named or depicted.

The talent has at all times observed a duty of secrecy in the assignment for the

clients of LC and/or Lukkien BV unless otherwise indicated.

LC cannot provide visual material to the talent through the

completed assignment.

All disputes arising or related to the work performed by LC

will be judged under Dutch law and, unless otherwise stated,

of mandatory law, are exclusively tried by the competent court in Arnhem.

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